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Our Story

Hi there, this is Felice and I'm the co-founder of Zendori Art. I'm 20 something and I run several online businesses with my husband, Ben. We are loving every second we work together. Ben is French, I am Malaysian… each of us came to the United States with 1 luggage and we now live here with our two little princesses.

Despite our college degrees (Ph.D. and B.Sc.) in the field of Science and Technology, we always thought that our relationship was so strong that we had to share every moment in life, including our working hours. For that very reason, we started to venture into different businesses since 2011. Even though it has never been easy, it has always been a great experience and we are glad to have started it.

Being both hard workers and perfectionists, we spent so much time in our business that it has become hard for us to maintain a balanced life. Sleeping only a few hours a night, we started to favor our business needs over our health, nutrition habits, social life and even relationship. With Eyana, our first daughter joining the family, living a balanced life has become even more difficult for us. We then had the desire and responsibility of being the best parents possible while our business needed more and more from us.

It was when Akyna, our second daughter, was born, that we reached the tipping point of our life. Akyna was found to have a heart defect at 3 months old and the news was every parent’s nightmare. Despite a successful heart surgery, Akyna had been vulnerable to viruses. She had developed a series of respiratory issues that caused her to be admitted to ICU 5 times in her short life. We witnessed our always-so-smiley daughter going through all the needles and tubes being put into her body and we felt so helpless. Because of this, we came to realize that we were not prioritizing the right things in our life. 


Inspired by this journey, Ben and I felt so strongly that we had to work on a project that can empower people and make them realize where their true happiness lies. That's how Zendori Art—the Art of Mindful Livingwas born. Because we want to create art that is meaningful and impactful, we started to talk to people in the hospital from the nurses to the patients to the parents to learn about their life stories. We have since channeled all of our energy to this project because we know we can make a positive difference in people’s lives. We continue to collect stories through people around us as well as people we have just met. This experience has given us loads of inspiration to create art that talks.

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our story